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Coil Builds


Tri-core Alien

This particular build is a basic variation of the alien coil family. Also, tri-core means 3 cores. While it is a basic variation, it is still […]

Staple Coil

The Staple coil build is made out of ribbon cores stacked together and claptoned with a very fine outer gauge wire(38g-42g). The name Staple coil comes […]

Framed Staple AKA Fraple

The Framed Staple is part Staple and part Tricore Fused Clapton so it belongs in both coil families. If you can do a Tricore Fused Clapton […]

Macro Coil

The Macro Coil build is ground zero, the beginning of coil building. There isn’t much to this coil to talk about but it is very important […]