Big Tobacco is attempting to weaponize the Kentucky State Government and force YOU back to smoking combustible cigarettes.

To save vaping in Kentucky, we must urge Governor Beshear to VETO HB 11

HB11 is an attempt by Big Tobacco to use the Kentucky Government as a weapon to ban Big Tobacco’s competitors from the marketplace. The passing of HB11 will shut down EVERY VAPE SHOP in Kentucky and bans almost every product not made by Big Tobacco. This will leave businesses bankrupt, employees out of jobs, and Ex-Smokers without the products they depend on to stay or become smoke-free. Big Tobacco has no right to ask the government of the Commonwealth to take us back decades and give Big Tobacco a monopoly while simultaneously putting their small business competitors out of business.

Make your voice heard

Contact Governor Beshear using the button below. Fill out the form and politely urge him to VETO House Bill 11.

Why we oppose HB11:

  • HB11 closes 450 independent vapor stores in Kentucky.

  • HB11 does not address the issue of youth usage because gas stations and convenience stores will continue to sell ultra-high nicotine vapor products, such as JUUL and Vuse, to minors. We firmly believe that vapor products should be treated much like Kentucky’s thriving bourbon industry – exclusively sold in 21+ age-restricted businesses.

  • 450,000 adults in Kentucky use vapor products and many will go back to smoking deadly cigarettes as a result of losing access to their preferred products.

  • HB11 eliminates virtually all vapor products on the market offered in nicotine dosages lower than 50mg/ml, effectively forcing consumers to choose either ultra-high nicotine vapor products (produced by Big Tobacco) or combustible cigarettes (produced by Big Tobacco). Consumers will lose the ability to gradually reduce their dosage of nicotine over time, which is the fundamental reason why vaping exists.

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